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The initial idea of the complex formation in 2013 was formed after taking part in the transalpinerun, 260 kilometers long, one of the most valid European trail-running races. the great energy of the runners, the atmosphere, the beauty of the nature and organized holding of the contest inspired us to run this kind of competition in our country
with lots of effort and simulating of more than twenty races around the world in which I ran, we succeeded in organizing several competitions in the country during these years. Geopark of Qeshm has been the most successful and the largest of them.
some of the achievements of our complex are being the first Iranian contest to receive approval from World Federation and the Mont Blanc contest entrance score and the first ultra race in a distance of 67 km that got the world’s top runners come to Iran.
Due to being newly developed and freshness of this field in the world for the first time we have been organizing multi-day training camps and one-day training workshops in nature in order to get the enthusiasts acquainted with the recent knowledge of this field and share our personal experiences.
we are proud to be pioneer in this field and we are pleased to be able to attract a large number of people in it. We believe that our proficiency is to get the pleasant vibes of the nature with the help of running.

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