GEOPARKTRAIL Registration 2021

GEOPARKTRAIL 2021 30km virtual race and resilience challenge:

The 30km race:

Due to The coronavirus pandemic, like many races worldwide, the geoparktrail 2021 won’t be held as a physical event in Qeshm island.
This means all the participants run a 30km virtual race on February 10th, anywhere they are, on their own.
Participants are allowed to choose any running route they desire, weather road or trail.
Any runner who completes this 30km in 6 hours would be considered as finisher.

The resilience challenge:

With choosing this part, the runners would challenge themselves to see how much they can go in 12hours.
Every runner has the chance to enter the resilience challenge and they could choose the distance they estimate they would go on the day of event, in the registration form.

If you have an address in Iran, we will send you your bib number, T-shirt, finishers medal and a little surprise from our team.
Unfortunately, sending the items to other countries is not possible for us.

What is resilience and why?

This year was a very tough one for all of us. The only thing we could do was to be resilient to go through all the ups and downs that affects the lives of billions of people around the world.
Resilience is withstanding or even thriving on stressors or adversity.
Resilience is not a trampoline, where you’re down one moment and up the next. It’s more like climbing a mountain without a trail map. It takes time, strength, and help from people around you, and you’ll likely experience setbacks along the way. But eventually you reach the top and look back at how far you’ve come.